Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gracie's Pageant

With Gracie "pageanting" with Carley, she was sooo excited about her own school pageant! She had the best time and did so well (if I do say so myself); even wanted to do it again the next weekend....We may have created a pageant monster?!?! :) I've loaded way too many pictures but I wanted to include every moment... Enjoy!

The makeup...
Back of hair...
She was all smiles...Thanks Ms. Mallory(MalibuHairSpa)!! Complete with dress and earrings..Close up...The back...Gracie & Mommy!
My Precious Angel....

Gracie, Kayci, & Lanna

Posing (at Mommy's request, of course)..The Twins...Kayci & Gracie :) Again... silly girls... Kisses... Onstage w/Allie Grace

The back while onstage.. Smiling at the Judges? Nope, at Uncle Marc
(who was telling her to smile at the judges)!! The Beauties & Most Beautiful....Gracie, Caroline, Riley, Lexie, Kayci
Gracie & Mel
Lucky #13!! :)Gracie, Rhyser, Mimi & Pop

Gracie & Rhyser! Gracie & KelliGrace with her trophy....after a LONG day and night!"Those Howard Girls".. :) Becca, Kelli, Gracie, & Becky

Happy Birthday, Austin!!

Saturday, (Feb 7) we went to a birthday party for Austin Etheridge. Gracie & Gatlin both had a blast at Gym of Dreams..Thanks Danessa for inviting us!!!

Birthday boy in the foam pit..

Gracie in the ball pit..
Gat trying to get out of the ball pit..
Brad & Austin about to jump..

Tinker Toys..

On a recent weekend trip to Mimi & Pop's house, we were introduced to Tinker Toys! I personally had never seen these but they were Mark and Dent's toys when they were growing up! They kept Gracie, Gatlin & Rhyser busy for hours...the big kids even had fun with them too! ha... Thanks, Mimi & Pop for digging around in the attic!! :)

Gracie & Rhyser in their spaceship/truck...
(they built big while Gat was napping.)
Again, different view....

Same weekend (after we got back to BC), we had to do a project for the 100th Day of School! Gracie wanted to use pennies, then decided she wanted stickers; so we used 100 of each and this is what we got!!

Her name and 2 flowers (at bottom) in 100 pennies
and 100 stickers (everywhere)!!!

A Second Princess Escort Pageant

Gracie was once again a Princess Escort for Carley Fortenberry. She's really loving it! AND that's a good thing, because Carley won (Heart of the South Outstanding Teen) and now we're off to the State Pageant!! Here's a few pics....

Gracie & Carley in dressing room!

Watching very closely...

G&C again, right before evening gown...

Gracie & Gatlin on stage after pageant!

Gracie, the morning after pageant, playing in her crown! ha..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gatlin Myles!!!

Gatlin turned 2 (yes, already) on January 9, and we celebrated with a Dinosaur Themed party on January 11!! Many friends and family came to celebrate with us.... We had a GREAT time!!

The cake....thanks Teresa!!
Gat waiting on cake..
He LOVES this foam sword...
Thanks Aunt BecBec, Uncle Dave, Drake, DawDaw & Dane!

Some of our guests....

Singing Happy Birthday..Dane, Gracie, Gat & Austin

Getting a ride from Sissy...

Parker & Dane Dylan

Playing on the Swingset..Mac, Gat & GraceMy sweet nephew, Rhyser..

Kayson & Gracie

Gracie's Princess Pageant

On January 10, Gracie was a Princess Escort for Carley Fortenberry in a pageant she was competing in (Southern Magnolia's Outstanding Teen?!). Gracie LOVED it and says she wants to do that more...I'm not sure if that's good or bad!! :) Oh, and Carley got First Runner Up, so it was a good night!!

Gracie & Carley before the pageant..

Every Princess Escort got their very own tiara..
Gracie & Mark...
Gracie & Gatlin...
They actually did this without me telling them to!!!
At the end of the night, I realized that we didn't take a picture of me and Gracie, so..
here's what we got!! ha..

Carley and Gracie again...
A very tired little princess..